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Quantity System 1.0.6

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Released: Jun 18, 2009
Updated: Jun 18, 2009 by IBlueSun
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Release Notes

Quantity System Framework 1.0.6
  • New Quantities
- Electric Charge
- Electromotive Force
- Capacitance
- Electric Conductance
- Electric Resistance
- Magnetic Flux
- Magnetic Flux Density
- Inductance
- Luminous Flux
- Illuminance
- Catalytic Activity
  • New Units
- Coulomb 'C'
- Farad 'F'
- Volt 'V'
- Siemens 'S'
- Ohm 'ohm'
- Weber 'Wb'
- Teslq 'T'
- Henry 'H'
- Lumen 'lm'
- Lux 'lx'
- Katal 'kat' => mol/s

* Astronomical Units:
- AstronomicalUnit symbol changed from 'AU' to 'au'
- Light Year Length added 'ly'
- Parsec unit length 'pc' with metric support
- Solar Mass unit 'Mo'
- Julian Year unit 'a'

-Are unit of area symnol changed from 'a' to 'are'

-u unified mass of atom added 'u' = 'Da'
-Dalton transfered to Natural Units

* Shared Unit System added
The shared system contains units that exists in all unit systems
-Second 's' transfered to Shared unit system

* Misc Unit System added
the system is for units that don't have exact unit system and needs to be there untill we know its unit systems

+ Angle units
- Arc Degree unit added 'deg' ==>this is simple the angle degrees
- Arc Minute unit 'arcmin'
- Arc Second unit 'arcsec'
- Milli Arc Second 'mas'
- Gradian unit 'grad'
- Revolution unit 'r' whole one cycle = 360<deg>

- Angstrom Transfered to Misc namespace

+ Time units
- Minute unit 'min'
- Hour unit 'h'
- Day unit 'd'

+ Volume units
- Cubit Centimetre 'cc'

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