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QuantitySystemCalculator 1.1.4

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Released: Jul 21, 2009
Updated: Jul 21, 2009 by IBlueSun
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Release Notes

Quantity System Framework 1.1.4 {Releases}
- Moved Exception handling from Qs layer to Console layer so that dynamically calling for Qs will see the real exceptions.

- Fixed the Factorial for the thousand TIME :( I don't know why the function is always trick me and goes WRONG :D I must be slept or something.
3<m>! = 6<m^3>
3.5<m>! = 11.6317283996629 <m^3.5>
you can notice that factorial is accepting real positive numbers with units also :)
this is what you should expect from treating variables as quantities.

- I think there are no caching errors however if any one find conversion error please revert back to release 1.1

- Not related to the program (I finished preliminary master exams today :) ) 2009-07-20
4 days to enter my fourth decade, 4 days and I will celebrate my 30 birthday day ;) wish me luck.

Quantity System Framework 1.1.3
- Now Factorial is also available for real numbers
- Fixed serious caching error in units conversion

New Units
- Gravitional System namespace under metric added three new units (finally I figured out what it is really mean :) )
- <hyl> for mass
- <p> small letter for Pond unit which equal <gf> Gramforce added also

- <grain> renamed to <gr> Grain unit
- Poundal unit <pdl> added = <lbm.ft/s^2>

Quantity System Framework 1.1.2

- Specific Weight quantity added
- optimization for unit conversions (caching added for already calculated unit conversions)

- enahcing Qs hosting to be used dynamically inside any .NET applications using DLR hosting APIs.
to create the run time:
var QsScope = sr.ExecuteFile("test.qs");
var QsEngine = sr.GetEngine("Qs");
var a = QsEngine.Execute("a=5<m>", QsScope) as AnyQuantity<double>;

- factorial optimized. {I am still searching how to make factorial for real numbers}

Quantity System Framework 1.1.1

- Whole optimization for the library. in all 4 basic operations
- Parsing optmization in the DLR part.
- factorial operator added '!' {calculation only occur for the integer part}

- fixed the exponent in metric units 10<m>+100<are>^0.5 produced error in calculations.

- Volume Flow Rate quantity added
- cfm unit added (cubic feet per minute)
- gpm unit added

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